UVLO circuits on the two the VCC offer and floating driver

Analog Equipment LTC7060 50 % Bridge Driver drives N-channel MOSFETs inside of a half-bridge configuration with offer voltages approximately 100V. It characteristics supply unbiased three-state pWM enter logic. The one of a kind floating architecture makes the gate driver outputs robust and less sensitive to ground sounds. The symmetric style allows the half-bridge switching node to get inverting or non-inverting with the enter logic.


Don't miss the chance to try our world-class mosfet gate driver devices! You can choose from a wide variety of patent items from different manufacturers.With 0.8Ohm pull-down and one.5Ohm pull-up functionality, the potent outputs effortlessly drive the massive gate capacitances of superior voltage MOSFETs with pretty small transition instances. The adjustable turn-on and turn-off delays allow for system optimisation for high performance and trustworthiness. Adaptive shoot-through security prevents recent resulting from MOSFET cross-conduction. UVLO circuits on the two the VCC offer and floating driver provides turn off corresponding external MOSFETs and pull down the FLT pin when an Undervoltage condition is current.

Looking for a ? TrustCSI IAS is here to help.The unit characteristics special symmetric floating gate driver architecture and higher sound immunity, tolerates ±10V ground difference between enter and output grounds. The driving force features an open-drain fault indicator and is also obtainable in thermally increased 12-lead MSOp. AEC-Q100 automotive qualification is in progress.

Usual purposes incorporate automotive and industrial electric power methods, telecommunication power systems, and half-bridge and full-bridge converters.


The report evaluated key current market features

The research features historic data from 2015 to 2020

Half-bridge driver for automotive, industrial and telecommunication fields

Analog Devices LTC7060 50 percent Bridge Driver drives N-channel MOSFETs

With 0.8Ohm pull-down and 1.5Ohm pull-up functionality